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Almost all couple relationships hit a hard time when love gets lost in issues. All too often these hard times lead to ending a relationship that once was wonderful. Couple counseling is a very important part of IDEALS for Families and Communities’ work. For the most part, we use Relationship Enhancement Therapy® (RE). Relationship Enhancement centers the therapy around couple dialogues, using specific communication patterns. Our goals are to:

  • Help couples bond with one another
  • Help couples express themselves to each other fully–thoughts, feelings, concerns, and desires
  • Help couples feel accepted and understood by each other–even when they are deeply divided by hurt or problems
  • Help couples find solutions to problems that work for both people
  • Help couples follow through with intended changes
  • Help couples build new habits that nurture their relationship

At IDEALS, we work to help couples come up with your own creative solutions to your problems.  This method has 40 years of research that demonstrate its effectiveness, even when there are serious problems.

In addition to this core process for working through problems, counseling can also focus on resolving specific issues, such as:

  • Recovering from an affair
  • Creating trust
  • Solving financial problems
  • Forming a step-family
  • Recovering from one person’s chemical dependency
  • Dealing with children, ex’s, or extended family who have difficulties

We use specific, research-based activities and information to help families work through these issues.

We also offer workshops for committed couples to help couples broaden understanding, deepen affection, and solve problems together.