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Many adolescents hit a stormy time.  While many adolescents work through their storms with only minor crises, some adolescents’ behavior can damage relationships and saddle them with burdens for years to come.

Using individual and family sessions, we empower teens to develop resiliency and emotional skills, while working through conflicts with self, parents, and peers.  Most sessions are weekly and individual, working from a plan developed by both adolescents and their families.

Adolescents at IDEALS have confidentiality for what they say in sessions unless what they say includes abuse or threats to self or others.  The law requires that such information be shared with authorities to insure safety.

IDEALS for Families and Communities does not provide medication or medication management. Referrals can be made to physicians or psychiatrists if medication is needed. While we provide an excellent family component to alcohol or drug treatment for adolescents, IDEALS for Families and Communities is not a chemical dependency treatment program. Referrals are made to other programs for primary treatment if this is necessary.