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Hard times come to all families, to all people. Problems-big problems-are everywhere. Sometimes we can work through hard times and problems on our own. Sometimes a long talk with a family member or friend is all we need to make things manageable. And sometimes we need the help of a professional.

Yet many people hesitate to enter counseling or therapy. They’ve heard stories from friends that don’t make the experience sound like something they want to do. They are worried that a therapist is going to guide them in a direction they would rather not go or make them feel worse, rather than better. Then there is the cost. Too often top quality counseling is expensive. Unfortunately, all these hesitations cause people to put off entering therapy. Waiting may mean issues are at a crisis point when the call to make an appointment is finally made.

IDEALS for Families and Communities understands this struggle. We offer quality, caring, affordable counseling. We work with your goals and utilize your strengths as we walk with you through difficult times.  For crisis situations, appointments can be scheduled several times within a week until the crisis is past.


When children experience something that is too much for them, they let you know with symptoms. When symptoms appear, parents worry. Will time and your love take care of it? Or does your child need some extra help through counseling, medication, or special skills training?  IDEALS for Families and Communities can help you sort through these questions and provide therapy and skills training if they are needed.

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Many adolescents hit a stormy time.  While many adolescents work through their storms with only minor crises, some adolescents’ behavior can damage relationships and saddle them with burdens for years to come.

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Individual counseling for adults at IDEALS for Families and Communities generally follows a client-centered, problem solving, and skill training approach informed by contemporary brain research. Translated into ordinary language, that means we listen with empathy to help you identify issues and then work with you to figure out practical solutions, teaching any skills needed to make those solutions work and support you along the way.

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Almost all couple relationships hit a hard time when love gets lost in issues. All too often these hard times lead to ending a relationship that once was wonderful. Couple counseling is a very important part of IDEALS for Families and Communities’ work. For the most part, we use Relationship Enhancement Therapy® (RE). Relationship Enhancement centers the therapy around couple dialogues, using specific communication patterns.

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Families experience difficulties for a variety of reasons.  Transitions such a moving, adding new family members, children getting older or caring for an aging parent can stress the family bonds and diminish vital communication.  IDEALS for Families and Communities provides family counseling using the Relationship Enhancement® (RE) model, which teaches skills that allow family members to understand one another, communicate more effectively, and solve problems.

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By Phone

Even though telephone counseling or coaching seems like new service, Relationship Enhancement® counselors and IDEALS have been using this method to help people for twenty years.  We work with couples, individuals, and parents from around the country via telephone from our Frankfort or Lexington, KY, office.

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