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IDEALS for Families and Communities staff is deeply committed to serving the hurt, the underserved, and the marginalized.  We believe in the value of each person and in their capacity for love when given the resources, support, and opportunities.  We provide on-site individual counseling, community classes and groups in schools, jails, shelters, and agencies, helping people build resiliency, overcome difficulties, solve problems, and develop healthy relationships.  Our staff currently provides counseling and resiliency and skill-building groups to the following:

  • Lafayette High School- Lexington, KY
  • Jessie Clark Middle School- Lexington, KY
  • Fayette County Detention Center – Lexington, KY
  • Franklin County Women’s Shelter – a residential women’s shelter in Frankfort, KY
  • Simon House – a residential women’s shelter in Frankfort, KY
  • Grace Happens – a residential drug-rehab facility in Nicholasville, KY
  • Lexington Rescue Mission – Lexington, KY
  • New Life Day Center – a day shelter and connecting point for the homeless community in Lexington, KY

Over the years, we have worked with other organizations, such as the following:

  • The Refuge for Women– residential refuge for ladies leaving the sex industry
  • All God’s Children – a care and treatment center for pregnant teens, young mothers, and their children
  • Frankfort Men’s Shelter