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IDEALS for Families and Communities is a non-profit counseling agency that specializes in teaching skills for relationships and emotional management.  Combining science and compassion, caring and quality mental health education, we provide services for adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families. Driven by our value of people from every walk of life, we provide outreach services to inmates, homeless, and those who work with them.  We also provide enhancement classes for couples, parents, individuals, and organizations both in Central Kentucky and across the United States.

Our counseling staff works from the educational model, based on the work of Drs. Bernard and Louise Guerney.  While we offer an array of education-based counseling services, we also provide training for volunteers, para-professionnals, professionals, and professionals-to-be.  Training is for Relationship Enhancement therapy, Relationship Enhancement for singlesChild-Centered Play therapyFilial therapymarriage education, and working with step-families.

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